Potato Minitubers

potato tubersPotato Minitubers

All nuclear seed is produced in our greenhouses from plants that are propagated within our laboratory. Seed potato crops are generally harvested between May and December, and placed in cold storage units until ready for shipping the following spring.

Orders should be placed at least one year in advance and at least 6 months in advance of desired planting date.

Our in-vitro plant repository contains hundreds of cultivars ready for immediate increase. We have access to many more given timely notice.

Minituber Product Information:

Minituber seed is sold by the pound:

The tuber material is generally between 1″ and 2 ½”. For customer convenience, we sort our seed into three size categories – small, medium and large. Small is generally between 5 grams – 10 grams in size, Medium is generally 10 to 40 grams in size, large is generally 40 to 60 grams in size. We do not individually count orders that are sold by the pound.

SPLI actively manages the crops to yield the highly desired medium sized tuber.  If necessary, all size categories produced in a lot may be included to fulfill the final total order.  CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES IS OUR GOAL(S)!

Testing and Certification
*All minituber crops and the clonebank repository located at our facility are tested and inspected by the Colorado Potato Certification Program. (CCPGA).  They are rigorously tested AT or ABOVE the Canadian and United States standards.